社区推广服务, 隶属于学术发展办公室, takes the lead in implementing 研究 community extension programs of the University. 它也有助于协调, 监控, and evaluate the extension services rendered by the various institutes/programs in the partner communities of the University. 

沙巴体育app平台 2020愿景关注生物多样性和可持续性, 城市更新, 以及文化的保存和传播. 来自大学2020年的愿景, CES的四个关键项目领域——人的赋权, 社会经济的提升, 环境教育, 以及文化遗产保护. 增强人民权能包括与健康有关的服务, 以及心理教育, 媒体, 和扫盲计划. Socio-economic upliftment can be achieved through small scale business seminars, 创业培训, 和民生项目. Environmental concern include programs on 城市更新, food hygiene, and sanitation trainings. And cultural heritage conservation consist of activities on preservation of cultural heritage sites and promotion of Filipino customs.    

CES programs have their origins in community-based 研究es and are carried out, 主要是教员. Programs inspired by 研究 findings are administered by various university stakeholders – staff, 学生, 校友, 和其他教师. CES key programs will also facilitate a more holistic approach towards helping the partner communities improve their lives and develop into a sustainable community. 


The CES framework reflects the 协作 efforts exerted by all sectors of the university. It has four layers that are geared toward attaining sustainable community development. 因此, 连续, 协作, 研究, and aligned efforts among all stakeholders will serve as a way of building a sustainable partner community.



CES envisions to build self-sustaining partner communities through 研究 – based approach anchored on UN sustainable development goals.


  • 与合作伙伴社区合作分享技能, time, 资源, 知识, 和专业知识.
  • 授权利益相关者参与项目, 项目, 以及促进社区发展的活动.
  • Strengthen the involvement of 沙巴体育app平台 Community in providing responsive and 研究 extension programs.



  1. 希望工程(利用违法者的个人力量)
  2. 联合计划(训练监狱人员)
  3. 项目SAM(圣奥古斯丁博物馆)
  4. 项目Barangay 395
  5. 项目Calatagan
  6. 项目Mangyan



沙巴体育下载, 透过社区推广服务, stays true to its commitment of providing quality education and responsive community extension by utilizing the expertise of its faculty in providing sustainable community service. Since the 1990s, the Manila City Jail has been 沙巴体育app平台’s partner community.

最近, CES has strengthened Project HOPE through the provision of programs that holistically address the needs of the persons deprived of liberty (PDL) through 协作 services at the Manila City Jail Female Dormitory.


  • 大流行危机期间的心理健康和复原力
  • 智障人士康乐活动
  • Donation of Personal Computers in Support of MCJFD’s E-Dalaw and Telehearing 
  • 钩针编织,串珠,面包和糕点生计计划 
  • 城市园艺
  • 替代学习系统(ALS)教程
  • 事件使激动人心
  • 情感治愈的艺术
  • 良好公民意识研讨会
  • 尊巴:合一到健康

“Bringing hope through inclusive service to persons deprived of liberty”


它是希望工程的延伸, aimed at providing 监狱警察 of MCJFD with various seminars and trainings that are relevant to their needs. These seminars and trainings will help them acquire 知识 and skills that will make them more effective and efficient at work. 通过项目联合, 沙巴体育app平台 CES可以帮助沙巴体育下载的护理伙伴, 监狱警察, as both serve the persons deprived of liberty (PDL) under the care of Manila City Jail Female Dormitory.


  • 捐赠监狱人员个人防护装备 
  • 美国卡拉塔甘省昂波罗市导游自卫训练



Project SAM has been conceived to help realize the University’s Aspiration 2020 through community extension services centered on cultural preservation and dissemination. 在项目山姆, 沙巴体育app平台 CES delivers programs that concern the protection and care of selected San Agustin Museum’s collections through basic activities such as the examination, 评估, 文档, 研究, 以及对不同工件的建议. 


  • 圣奥古斯丁博物馆着色/活动书制作
  • Assessment and Documentation of San Agustin Church Side Door at General Luna Street
  • Assessment and Documentation of Secco Painting on Ceiling of the San Agustin Museum
  • Assessment and Documentation of Huge Oil Paintings on San Agustin Museum’s Cloister
  • 圣奥古斯丁博物馆四幅雷塔布洛的评估与文献

项目Barangay 395


项目Barangay 395 is 沙巴体育app平台’s way of extending its full support and commitment in developing and prioritizing Barangay 395, semi-commercialized区域, 那里被认为是它的家. 主要是, the University provides assistance to fellow community members and offers various community programs on urban revitalization, 政治意识, 和生计培训. 

最近的项目Barangay 395活动

  • 向巴兰盖前线组织捐赠个人防护装备
  • 在ECQ期间向社区成员捐赠大米
  • Barangay参与调查
  • 对失业社区人士及合法小吃摊业主的调查
  • 领导能力培训 
  • 选民的教育

Developing an improved urban environment through 协作 community engagement”


项目Calatagan is a capacity building program implemented in Barangay Quilitisan, Calatagan, 八打雁. 它旨在与沙巴体育app平台合作伙伴社区分享, the 知识 和专业知识 from the different institutes of the University. 使用研究方法, the initiative drives toward economic and agricultural sustainability, 自然资源管理, 生态旅游, 和各种与健康有关的, 社会政治, 以及心理教育发展项目.


  • 水产养殖方案准备
  • Donation of PPE for Barangay Frontliners and Barangay Health Workers
  • 奎里蒂森合作援助计划
  • 合作建立与合作经营管理
  • Quilitisan日托改进
  • 水质评价
  • Health Awareness Seminar and Stool Analysis for Waterborne Pathogens 
  • 导游培训
  • Pasalubong制作和食品保存培训

“Building the capacity of the community to achieve social and economic prosperity”



项目Mangyan is a five-year partnership with the Divine Word College of San Jose (DWCSJ), a private co-educational college run by the missionaries of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), 总部设在西方民都罗. It consists of development of the Mangyan’s literacy program and curriculum, 土著学习系统技术援助, 促进心理社会, 健康, and economic 项目 that contribute to their empowerment and self-determination. 


  • Backyard Gardening for Sitio Emok and Mangyan Education Center Communities
  • 为MEC学者提供食品援助
  • Updates on Sitio Emok Spring Water Research: The Need for Clean Drinking Water for the Heath of Hanunuo Mangyan
  • Beadmaking民生项目
  • 水质评价
  • 水质及安全讲座 and 正确的洗手 Demonstration
  • 重组芒岩LET检讨筛选及程序 


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